Quick Check in for my Readers

Posts should resume by Friday, May 26.

My laptop is currently lying upside down trying to survive a cup of southern sugary sweet tea. While it dries out throughly I am traveling for a couple of days. 

We will know Thursday if the laptop survives or if I get to upgrade (do I sound to excited about that?).

In the meantime I’ll be reading and commenting on other’s blogs, and maybe a short post or two from my phone 😬.

Have a great week everyone 😬.

3 thoughts on “Quick Check in for my Readers

  1. That’s exactly how I was. I was mad I messed it up, but I wasn’t too upset about getting something new 🙂

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  2. IT’S ALIVE! The laptop lived. I’m happy and sad all at once. LOL i’d already started shopping for the next one.


  3. Daggone southern tea…. 😏


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