Relationships Like Checking Accounts

Piggy bank

Recently I heard someone explaining the key to having good relationships and friendships, and they compared it to a checking account.

Once you’ve established an account, you want to make sure the account stays in the positive and that it grows over time.

Your account grows by making consistent positive deposits, and always depositing more than you withdraw. I think in a relationship deposits would be time spent together, making time for lunch, laughing together, nice gestures or gifts just because.

Think about it, if you withdraw or take and take from an account, with rarely any deposits, eventually you will be overdrawn and you will suffer serious negative consequences.

We’ve all known a taker. Someone who never contributes to the relationship, but just needs, or wants something from you all the time. Or someone who’s always close to over drawn. It never ends well. Β We don’t tend to stay in relationships like that very long. Sometimes constant withdrawals become more than we can recover and its time to end the friendship.

Thinking about the friends I’ve had over the years, I can see it. My most special friends consistently make positive deposits into the friendship account. They remember birthdays, listen when you need an ear, drop what they are doing when they see you need a shoulder to lean on. They deposit more than they withdraw.

I wonder how they see me as a friend. Am I in the positive or am I overdrawn.Β  I wonder how I can make more positive deposits with those who mean most to me.

5 thoughts on “Relationships Like Checking Accounts

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  1. Wow! Sylvia you have hit it on the nose and all I can say is “Wow!” This post helps with evaluating things in life.


  2. I like this one. I definitely can see that there are times in my life where I was probably doing more withdrawing with some of my relationships in the past. However, I’m sure we’ve all been left with a negative balance at times also. Great concept. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

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  3. I know there are times when I’ve been negative. I don’t know why hearing it this way made to so clear … just yesterday I was mention needing to put some positive deposits in a friendship account


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