Dog Walking: Why I Stopped Using a Bicycle

Lucky dog walk

Every dog lover knows that dogs like and NEED walks.  Dogs like exploring, and they NEED to expend energy.

Pent up energy is what causes nervous habits for dogs, like chewing shoes, walls, door frames, excessive barking, etc.

While I know Lucky, my hundred pound Lab/bulldog mix, enjoyed and needed the walks, there were days that I just didn’t feel like I had the time or energy for a 30 min to hour long walk.

So, I decided on a quick fix. Use the bicycle to walk the dog.

I’d heard that high intensity interval exercise burned more energy in half the time for humans, so why not dogs? I’d ride the bike, Lucky would run, jog, walk as I varied my varied my speeds and we’d expend lots of energy in half the time, right?

It worked really well. Lucky did well staying right by the bicycle and always left good slack on the leash. I think he was excited to be running instead of walking at snails pace with me (that’s my pace).

Then there was the day that another cyclist passed me going in the opposite direction, and I suddenly felt myself flying backwards through the air as my bike rolled forward without me.

Lucky dog walk 2

I landed on the pavement with a hard thud, and I instantly heard a yelp. Leash still attached to my arm, my landing brought Lucky to a halt, not before literally scaring the poop out of him. Poop that somehow got all over me in either in the fall or in trying to get up from the fall.  We were both quite shaken.

I never tried the bicycle shortcut again. Now, if I’m feeling lazy or pressed for time, I get Lucky running a bit in the back yard with a game of fetch.

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  1. Good Afternoon! Thank you for stopping by :). yes, raising a dog is trial and error, this one being a big, funny, error. I’m so glad this brought laughter to your day!


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