Keep Language Simple to Reach a Larger Audience

I’m a member of a club that helps develop public speaking and leadership skills. A very small, but fun, part of the meeting is the “Word of the Day” that we are challenged to use during the meeting.

While it’s fun to learn new, complex words and figure out ways to use them in the meeting, I recently admitted to a fellow club member that I rarely use the words again.

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Blog Quest: Today Makes 1 Month

It’s my BLOGIVERSARY! One month ago to this exact date I finally overcame my fear of the unknown and started a wordpress account as a tool to help me become more consistent with writing and to share funny, inspirational, or guiding moments of life.

Thank you to the people who inspired and motivated me to start, thank you to those that email or check on me face to face to make sure I’m staying consistent, thank you to all my followers who read, like, comment and also motivate me to keep sharing and to keep getting better and better. Especially those of you who are enjoying the Mom Moments. I’m grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to get to know her as I never have before (I’ll write more about the whys and hows of all that eventually). She’s is a beautiful woman with a huge heart who says the most hilarious things ❤️.

Waiting For Inspiration?

At first look this quote by Chuck Close, a very talented and revered artist of our time, is a put off.

It definitely made quite a few of my optimistic, full of life, and motivating Facebook friends march full force on my page, RIDE OR DIE,  to prove the case for inspiration and how EVERYBODY needs it. Continue reading

Finally getting started

The idea of blogging has intrigued me for so long, yet I’ve avoided it, because I don’t know the first thing about writing a blog right now. I’m full of stories, and experiences that my friends encourage me to share and write about. So here I am, finally, getting over my intimidation of blogging and my fear that it won’t be good enough. Woos-ah. Here I will finally begin a new adventure–learning to blog, while sharing the often hilarious or sometimes meaningful occurrences of my life. If it brings a smile, a belly laugh, or helps someone have a better day along the way, then I guess I can consider it a great blog.