It’s a giveaway! Check this out to win a copy of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff!

For any of my readers who love to read, here is a new book review site that seems off to a great start and she’s also doing a give away at the moment.

Kelly New Book

My social media presence is pretty small, but I wanted to start giving away the books that I read and review. The fact that I’m not a well known blogger means that you guys have a wayyyy better chance of winning than a normal giveaway would allow for.


  • Gotta be following my blog 🙂 You can choose to follow me here or on Tumblr. Whichever suits your fancy!
  • Reblog this post to be entered to win.
  • US only.
  • Giveaway ends September 15th, 2017.
  • Once a winner is randomly chosen, I’ll contact you for your shipping info.

That’s it! Super simple and you’ll be entered to win my copy of Nevernight! My review of this incredible book can be found here. The copy I’m sending is in great condition but it has been read through once by myself. But hey, free book!

Would you all like me to…

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Share Your Best Blog Post

I’ve really enjoyed the insights and quotes shared on Make It Ultra. I’m so impressed that he’s invited so many to share posts on his page.



You are invited to share a link and include a brief description about your best or most popular blog post!

Don’t forget to reblog this post to get others involved!

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Quick Check in for my Readers

Posts should resume by Friday, May 26. My laptop is currently lying upside down trying to survive a cup of southern sugary sweet tea. While it dries out throughly I am traveling for a couple of days.  We will know Thursday if the laptop survives or if I get to upgrade (do I sound to... Continue Reading →

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