6 Steps to Encourage Goals and Dreams

A father and his 8 yr old son were in the yard throwing a football around.

“I’m gonna be in the NFL one day!” said the boy.

“You can’t even catch the ball, son,” said the dad.

“I’m gonna learn, and then I’ll play NFL,” the boy shot back.

“Son, NFL players start learning when they are 4 or 5, and they practice hours a day,” said his dad. “It’s too late.”

After a few minutes, the little boy put the football down and found something else to do.

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Planning the Work Day Like Planning a Home Build

Recently my boss asked a question and shared some insight that made me rethink how I’m planning my days. He made me wonder how often my plan was more of a “to do” list vs. a real strategic plan.

My boss has been involved in a few home builds over the years and with a home build there is always plan. The crew is expected to show up on the site and have a list of projects they plan to complete so the build can go as planned.  They are expected to have the “know how” and the strategy for getting the days projects done.

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